Refund Policy

By purchasing ScrapylSoft, you are purchasing lifetime license. This isn’t annual subscription and you will NOT be charged anything else except the base price.

Refund Policy:

  • This is digital download copy and we provide demo version by using the key: demo
    You will be able to test the majority features and functionalities before buying it. Then, if you find it useful you can purchase the PRO version;
  • We can give refund ONLY if there is catastrophic issue and you are not able to use the software:
    • The software does not start on your PC;
    • The software is not compatible with your OS;
    • You can’t run the software;
  • In this case, we’ll try to resolve the issue first and then if there is still no solution to the problem, we’ll give you full refund;
  • The refund time frame is 15 days;
    In this time frame we will try to satisfy you with the product you have purchased and resolve any issues you have.
  • In any other situation we don’t allow refund…

When we deny refund:

We give the users a demo version to test the software and we think it’s enough to make your decision about purchasing ScrapylSoft or not. We are not doing any refunds in the next case scenarios:

  • If you don’t like the software;
  • If you find it not useful;
  • If you don’t need it anymore;
  • If you’ve changed your mind;