Changelog V2.0.6.518

  • Fixed many bugs
  • Implemented two new search engines (Yahoo and Bing)
  • Developed new advanced module (Custom Poster or Comment Poster)
  • Added settings for changing stealth of the HTTP client

Changelog V2.0.6.506

  • Updated Google scraper parsing algo
  • Updated Amazon suggestions algo
  • Fixed About screen

Changelog V2.0.6.496

  • Fixed few minor bugs

Changelog V2.0.6.478

  • This is a major version and we have made many changes and new implementations.

Changelog V2.0.5.308

  • Now there is filter box where you can search for the scrapped results
  • We implemented better news box
  • The code is completely rewritten for the URL scrapping
  • There is query limit that you can perform if you are not using proxies. It is 80 queries without using proxies
  • The scrapper can now go deeper in the search engines result pages

Changelog V2.0.5.189

  • Implemented SSL protocol for all search engines
  • Implemented use of Transparent (HTTP) proxy
  • Fixed a lot of bugs with the proxies
  • Fixed right-click error when a user clicks on the patter boxes for the first time
  • Pattern file save is now saving the file in the correct location
  • Elevated software privileges to Administrator (mostly used for updating)
  • Status Bar shows info about RAM memory used by the software and current CPU utilization
  • Implemented News Box on software start-up
  • Now you can disable “check for update” on start-up (not recommended)
  • About box now shows your PC configuration
  • Repaired a lot of small software bugs