This is ScrapylSoft – The Ultimate Keyword Research and Suggestions Tool.

Currently the most popular software for long tail keyword research used by thousands of SEO experts, bloggers and companies all over the world.

What are the main advantages of ScrapylSoft.

  1. Finding quality long tail keywords as well as suggestions for new keywords related to your main focus keyword is one of the major feature available in ScrapylSoft. You will be able to find thousands of quality long tail keywords used by real people every day. These keywords will bring you huge organic traffic and thus more profit to your pocket.
  2. ScrapylSoft implements intelligent search patterns that are used to generate unique keyword suggestions and combinations.
  3. Comment poster is another powerful module which lets you run campaigns for producing Tier-2 and Tier-3 backlinks. Using ScrapylSoft’s powerful algorithm, you can precisely target any website(s) or blog(s) for your backlink campaigns.
  4. You can scrap hundreds of URLs directly from Google, Yahoo or Bing search engines and later use the collected data for running backlink campaigns or checking pagerank for specific keywords.
  5. The integrated Proxy module allows you to run undercover search queries and avoid temporary blocks implied by the providers.

User Interface and Settings

Our tool implements state of the art technology that allows the users have the best, hustle-free experience. With just a few clicks away you can completely customize ScrapylSoft according to your requirements.

  • You can set the name of the scraper’s User Agent
  • Choose the type of Proxies you are going to use. (HTTP, Socks4, Socks4a, Socks5)
  • Customize the search parameters for data scraping and keyword suggestions.
  • Adjustable sleep time between queries, allows you to control the rate of the data scraping and avoid temporary blocks from the search engine.
  • You can choose your desired look out of the 40 different types of skin styles.