Release the power of your Antminer

wpASIC Custom Firmware for L3+/L3++
(no dev fee version available)

Firmware Features

  1. No Signature Protection Check
  2. Shell Access (root : admin)
  3. Only one dev-fee pool of 1%
  4. Set voltage and frequency for every chain separately
  5. Fan control, deactivation of fan control for immersion cooling – no need to cooler emulator anymore;
  6. Redirect % of ASIC speed to additional pool
  7. Improve energy efficiency up to 40% (L3+ 1.2W/1MH)
  8. 650W 520MH ….. 1050W 650MH
  9. Automated settings by consumption or performance profile;
  10. Selection of the voltage and frequency for the payload automatically and manually;
  11. Fine tuning of frequencies individually by chips, possibility to start in work faulty payments;
  12. Built-in web interface Watt-meter, available via API;
  13. Frequency up to 650Mhz, above 500Mhz only for immersion cooling;
  14. Watchdog on temperature, chip loss, hash rate;
  15. Parallel Dev fee mining, without stoppages and suspension of main mining;
  16. Compatible with all control and monitoring systems, API;

Advantages for using wpASIC?

  • While, all other custom firmware’s are locking your device so you wont be able to move on to another firmware, our policy is “your device, you rights to choose the right firmware that suits you”. That’s why we are never going to lock your Antminer with “Signature Check” or by removing the “Shell Access” by any means.
  • We are only using 1% for the dev-fee mining, others are using 3% even 10%.
  • Much lower power consumption then other custom firmware’s.

What’s new in 018.2?

  • Fixed the bug where sometimes the hash-rate would suddenly drop
  • Fixed the auto-tuning
  • Fixed few web interface bugs


This is the official website for the wpASIC firmware

Downloading this firmware from other sources presents a great danger of getting infected with unknown malware

We guarantee for the safety of this firmware only if it’s downloaded from our primary website,


Download wpASIC Firmware for Antminer L3+/L3++

  1. Download NOW

How to flash:

  • First extract the “rar” archive using the password:
  • Flash the extracted file
  • Done.

Archive Password:

Click here to download no dev fee version…


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